What We Do

What is The Ayiti Community Trust?

The Ayiti Community Trust, is a 501(c)3 grant-making foundation building a permanent endowment to fund the best solutions to Haiti’s challenges. Short-term relief efforts do not meaningfully change the conditions that impede progress in the country. Long-term sources of funding are essential to alleviate poverty, inspire engaged citizens and take care of the environment. Incorporated in Florida, The Ayiti Community Trust operates in partnership with The Miami Foundation.

Haiti has too often been the featured recipient of well-intentioned aid inspired by a crisis. While the overwhelming responses from all over the world reveal an interest in Haiti’s well-being, this relief aid does not always translate into meaningful results for Haitians. Rather, these donations often advance the priorities of donors without consideration for the desires of the recipients. In fact, some promised funds have never made it to Haiti while others dry

How Is The Ayiti Community Trust Different?

The Ayiti Community Trust offers a centralized hub for Haiti’s community, including Haitians (in the country and in the diaspora) and friends of Haiti joining together to support Haitian-led organizations as they improve livelihoods, protect the environment, and encourage a sense of responsibility for the community. ACT is unique because it is:

How Will it Work?

The Ayiti Community Trust builds an endowment by soliciting individual and corporate donors. The funds raised will be managed to provide returns and income that support this work in Haiti. ACT donor funds are deposited in The Miami Foundation with its long history of serving as a fiscal sponsor for tax-exempt organizations.

The Ayiti Community Trust will use proceeds from this endowment to fund registered community organizations that have demonstrated or have the potential for significant social impact in Haiti. By identifying, vetting and investing in high-impact and high-potential organizations that can deliver results, we will measurably improve outcomes in our key focus areas of the environment, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement.


Address: 40 NW 3 rd Street | Suite 305 Miami, Florida 33128-1838
Email: ayiticommunitytrust@gmail.com
Phone: 617-755 2571
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