Our Pillars

Focus on Water

A.C.T. explores innovative models to enhance water availability, accessibility, and environmental renewal/protection. By focusing on viable solutions, we seek to address the multifaceted and wide-ranging challenges, which include: lack of integrated water management systems, inadequate investment in water and sanitation infrastructure, water affordability, and access to quality, safe water in rural and urban areas.


We believe that intergraded management of Haiti’s precious natural resources promote conditions that strengthen climate resiliency, creates livelihood opportunities, and expand long-term economic prospects for generations of Haitians.

Civic Engagement

A people who are self-aware, competent, and purposeful are best able to sustain a nation. A.C.T. seeks to empower Haitians by granting support to community-building projects aimed at emerging leadership development, public stewardship, and imparting a sense of responsibility in Haiti’s citizens.


Haiti has demonstrated a clear entrepreneurship spirit, but challenges have stunted the growth of this important economic sector. A.C.T. seeks to increase entrepreneurial productivity using efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable strategies to engage entrepreneurs as they revitalize their local communities.

Our Unique Model

Sustained Building & How It Works


Caring individuals and organizations contribute to A.C.T. through the Miami Foundation


Contributed funds are invested by A.C.T. in an endowment fund


The endowment yields interest that allows for grant-making


Qualifying organizations in Ayiti undergo a thorough application and vetting process


Organizations are awarded grants and are the impetus for growth and development in Ayiti

The Ayiti Community Trust (A.C.T.) builds an endowment by soliciting individual and corporate donors. The funds raised will be used and managed to provide returns and income that support our work in Haiti. A.C.T. donor funds are deposited directly to The Miami Foundation, which has a long history of serving as a fiscal sponsor for tax-exempt organizations.

A.C.T. will use proceeds from this endowment to fund registered community organizations that have demonstrated or have the potential for significant social impact in Haiti. By identifying, vetting and investing in high-impact and high-potential organizations that can deliver results, we will measurably improve outcomes in our key focus areas of: the environment, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement.

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