Grant Guidelines

We will award funding for projects or programs that demonstrate meaningful and measurable impact at the intersection of three areas:


Water availability, accessibility, and environmental renewal/protection

Operating capital for growth

Capacity Building & Technical Assistance



Building, equipment and materials

General Operating Support

Programmatic-restricted to a specific program


These funds are restricted to costs directly related to implementing a program, such as salaries of program staff or consultants, outreach, marketing, supplies, materials, events, local travel, and reasonable indirect costs (overhead).


  • Registered organization in Haiti
  • Programs/ Projects that address at least one of the content areas


  1. Mission alignment: How well the proposal addresses the content areas (environment, entrepreneurship, civic education) in an integrated way, within the context of a root cause analysis.
  2. Track record of prospective achievement demonstrated by measurable outcomes and empowering local Haitians as the agents of change.
  3. Ability to execute: organizational capacity including sustainability of other funding sources, and ability to collaborate with other partners.
  4. Preference given to requests for grants that are less than 40% of the overall budget.
  5. Preference given to Haitian-led organizations based in Haiti.
    • These are nonprofits with a Haitian majority Board & Executive leadership, who demonstrate a track outcome that are sustainable.
  6. Scope of impact demonstrated by measurable outcomes (e.g. Number of people impacted, geographic scope, and unique and promising approach)


  • There is no limit to the number of times a grantee may reapply
  • Organizations may apply only once per year
  • The size of grants will be based on A.C.T.’s annual budget, the number of proposals, and grant criteria


Step 1. Standing Grants Committee will source, cultivate and invite letters of interest for organizations and programs that meet ACT’s criteria (see above).

Step 2 Organizations will be invited to submit a letter of interest, either in in Kréyòl or English, to A.C.T. by Email or Post. The letter should include the following information:

  1. Mission of the program including its geography and scope
  2. Program budget size
  3. Program timeline projection
  4. Brief summary of how the grant will be used including:
    • Theory of change or description of intervention
    • List of collaborations, if any
    • Primary contact for the organization

Attach the following to the Letter of Interest:

  1. Proof of registration
  2. Financials
  3. List of executive leadership including demographic

Step 3 Organizations will receive notice requesting for a full proposal: It should adequately address all the items listed in Step 2 plus the following:

  1. A detailed plan for implementation including budget and timeline
  2. short-term (1-3 years) outcomes including: number of people served, geographical scope, and t expected impact
  3. Long term impact (5-10 years) outcomes including; systems or community level impact
  4. A summary of how the program or project design builds on past experience
  5. A description of program/project sustainability of current and future funding sources

Contact Information: 

Pierre Imbert

Haiti Cell 509.3777.4318
U.S. Cell 617.755.2571

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