The Ayiti Community Trust (ACT)Trust is the country’s first endowed fund, building on Haiti’s assets and driven by Haitians’ needs locally while providing resources for sustainable solutions. ACT is registered in Haiti and operates as a grant-making community foundation. The fund will provide sustainable support to Haitian organizations in Haiti within three interconnected pillars: environment, civic education, and entrepreneurship. Registered as 501(c)3 organization in the US, ACT has partnered with the Miami Foundation, the largest community foundation serving Miami for more than 50 years.

  1. Environment: Effective integrated management of Haiti’s precious natural resources creates conditions that strengthen climate resiliency, improve livelihood opportunities and raise long-term economic prospect for generations of Haitians. Unlike the other Caribbean countries, Haiti is particularly more vulnerable to climate change for several reasons: increased population density, deforestation, and soil erosion. Haiti’s vulnerability to climate change is due in part to socioeconomic factors that often interact with physical impacts.


  1. Civic education: As Haitian social entrepreneur and ACT Board member Abner Septembre explains, “young people seem to be overwhelmed, disarmed, stunned and just generally waiting for the moment to leave the country. One has the impression that most of them no longer have a sense of civic responsibility. This is the life serum that communicates a strong sense of belonging with a desire to fight to build their country or change their own lives.” Because people who possess the requisite knowledge, skills and motivations are best able to sustain a democracy, ACT seeks to empower Haitians by granting support to community-building activities aimed at emerging local leadership development, reclaiming the public realm, and imparting a sense of responsibility for communities.


  • Entrepreneurship: Analysis of thriving societies points to the following “the first step in the development of a country is to encourage enterprising people who have the entrepreneurial spirit and give them the freedom to build companies, create jobs, and enhance wealth.” Dileep Rao. Although Haiti has demonstrated a clear entrepreneurship spirit, many challenges have impact on the development of this important economic sector in the country. The Ayiti Community Trust seeks to increase Haitian entrepreneurial productivity using efficient, cost-effective and sustainable strategies to enable entrepreneurs to remain engaged as they revitalize their local communities.


  • The Ayiti Community Trust is built on thoughtful and responsible leadership, transparency, and accountability. The Ayiti Community Trust is governed by a robust board, made of 25 prominent Haitians and friends residing in Haiti, USA, and Canada. We encourage you to review each bio in detail and get to know them.


ACT believes in partnerships and leveraging the resources from the best organizations to avoid duplication, benefit from economies of scale, and achieve measurable results and long-term impacts.

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